Newbuilding Design​

Our experienced naval architects and Design team covers all the ship type range for design newbuilding ranges. We have already the foundation to complete vessels ranged from yachts to a small craft.

Group Navale Offers a variety of services

Concept Design
Basic Design for Electrical Parts
Basic Design for Hull Construction
Basic Design for Piping and Machinery
Basic Design for Electrical Parts
Class Approval


The concept design stage concerns the process between our office and the client and we complete a preliminary design and study of the boat as he wants her. Basic Limitations are mainly driven by cost and can affect other areas like Length or speed.

What we do:

  • General Arrangement Plan with all the details as preliminary
  • Lines Plan in a preliminary stage
  • Subdivision, tank capacities
  • Hydrostatic Calculations in the preliminary stage
  • Speed and Power Estimate and hull optimization


The basic design stage transforms the vessel concept into a technically safe to build vessel. This is done by developing scantlings and Stability Calculations, system PIDs and structural drawings in accordance with Rules and Regulations by the Classification Society, Flag, or other authority.

What we do:

  • General Arrangement
  • Midship Section
  • Profile and Decks
  • Construction Drawings
  • Bulkhead Drawings
  • Preliminary Trim and Stability Booklet
  • Preliminary Damage Stability if it’s necessary
  • Welding Schedule
  • Weight Analysis and Distribution Diagram
  • Engine room Primary Foundation
  • Foundations for Several Machinery items
  • Piping Diagram for Bilge, Fire, Ballast, and other system
  • Fire Control Plan
  • Insulation Plan
  • Safety Plan
  • Engine Room Layout
  • Hatch Plan Arrangement
  • Steering Gear Arrangement
  • Mooring Arrangement
  • Sea Chest Arrangement
  • Air Pipe Diagram
  • Ventilation for Engine Room
  • Ventilation for other Spaces
  • Electric Balance
  • Short circuit calculations
  • Emergency Switchboard
  • Typical electrical diagrams for main systems


The technical project after completing the basic design stage is now ready for the product documentation based on the very specific standards and requirements put by the shipyards.

What we do:

  • Hull Surface Plate (expansion)
  • Plate Bending Information
  • Plate and Profile Nesting
  • Assembly Drawings