GROUP NAVALE... your partner.

Based on our vast experience, we offer security and honesty in our work. Our goal is to create a strong bond with each customer whilst maintaining strict adherence to our core values of honesty, clarity, and discretion.

Group Navale was founded by Mr. Panagos G. Dimitrios and Mr. Theoharis K. Stavrou about ten years ago. Both Naval Architects with many years experience in ship construction.

Theoharis K. Stavrou

CEO - Co-Founder

Co-Founder, Theoharis K. Stavrou holds a Diploma in Naval Architect and
Marine Engineering from NTUA. He has been working on Ship Constructions/
modifications for 20 years. His range of experience includes several
constructions on almost all types of ships.

Dimitrios G. Panagos

CEO - Co-Founder

Co-Founder, Dimitris Panagos, a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer
has served for 30 years as a Head of New Building Department at Greece
Flag Authorities. Based on the ministry position, he has been involved
with the drawing approval in many constructions and modifications based
on Greek Flag Rules and Regulations

Our company, through the experience of over ten years, has developed into a company capable of building special constructions, providing a wide range of consultancy and survey services.


We deliver our services on time and with no defects, and we are supporters of the philosophy “time is money”.

We pay attention to our customers’ needs in order to understand each customer’s requirements, and we always treat them with professionalism, fairness, and respect, as we consider our customers to be the most valuable asset of our organization.

Depending on our extensive experience, offering security and honesty in our work, we always remain on edge and up to date with developments of regulatory issues and upgrade of our technical expertise.

We develop a client-accommodating culture. When the customer’s requirements have been clearly established, it is up to each and every person in the company to ensure that their obligations towards the quality system and towards the customers’ requirements are met. This way, by collaborating, we deliver the best possible result.