Retrofit – Ballast Water Treatment System​

GROUP NAVALE in collaboration with our specialized colleagues at ScanPro, can provide a range of consulting and retrofit engineering services with 100% impartial advice and assistance to the Owners towards Investigating, Selecting, Engineering, and Installing a Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS).

For these projects we typically follow the below steps/phases which have been determined based on our broad experience with conversions and technical studies the last 10 years. In this offer we shall be referring to all three (3) phases as shown in the typical diagram below, while the 4th phase is stipulated as an option.

Prior to the ship survey taking place, our naval architects/marine engineers will develop a tailored survey checklist to ensure that all required data, measurements, and information are obtained, as far as practicable while afterward the points cloud data file shall be developed based on the laser 3D scanning survey onboard. A 3D retrofit model(s) will finally be prepared to include the proposed equipment, pipe works, and structures.

Our surveys utilize full laser scanning as standard while our surveyors are trained and experienced in both laser equipment operations as well as processes for ensuring proper accuracy.

The laser scan “point cloud” as obtained from the vessel’s survey and phase 2 above, will be post-processed and duly imported in a 3D CAD/CAM software for preparing the detailed engineering pipe routing, taking into account of the final selected locations of the equipment and the existing arrangements of the vessel in detail. Using the 2D & 3D models as generated, the relevant pipework fabrication and structural drawings for both Construction scope (yard) and Class approval will be developed. Necessary 2D structural drawings showing the new supports of the equipment and necessary foundations (including handrails, ladders & grating) will be prepared and submitted to the Class.